Z mazurskiej przystani, dania regionalne / EN

Muse mit Speck und Sahne, so dass regionale, Muse with bacon and cream, giving regional, potato pancakes, 13 zł

„Kurki” in cream and dill, 15 zł

Smoked europeanwhitefish, 21 zł

Smoked eel, 24 zł

East Prussian stew dish, in the past, very popular in Masuria, 15 zł

Potato cakes with cream, 12 zł

Potato cakes with apple, 11 zł

Potato cakes with Mushrooms „Kurki” in cream, 16 zł

Dumplings filled with meat, 16 zł

Dumplings filled with pike and bacon, 21 zł

Cepelins made from potatoes, with meat and salad, 24 zł

Cepelins made from potatoes with meat in mushrooms sauce served with salad, 28 zł

Country pan, set of fired sausages and other delicacies with potatoes and fried cabbage, 27 zł

Pike-perch baked with potatoes and mushrooms, 33 zł

Pike-perch in crayfish sauce with roasted potatoes and vegetables, 35 zł

Smoked eel with potato cakes and cream, 36 zł